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Employee Apps are the ultimate engagement and communication tool, transforming the way companies motivate, engage and reward their employees.

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Improving your communication with your non-desk employees through reach and engagement. Helping to create a stronger employee experience
Send important information and up-to-date news straight to employees mobile devices
Communicate with all your employees, anywhere they are

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In a profession like construction, it is key to stay in the know of all the different changes in safety and restrictions. Workers need to be aware of the latest happenings going on in the company while they are on the job.

24/7 access with an Employee Engagement App from Mobilize 360 will let your employee fell safe. Finding out information on the job or on the go is as simple as unlocking your phone. Keep workers informed with an app.


Hotels employ a wide variety of individuals. From housekeepers to receptionists, it’s a pretty long list. With long hours of tending to guests all over the world, these type of jobs can get very hard to juggle. Instead of having to head to the computer to review guests, our app can help.

At Mobilize 360 get an Employee Engagement App that fits all the needs of your people, creating a strong employee atmosphere with open communication and information. 24/7 access directly from their Apple, Android and other web-enabled devices is something you can look forward to when everything is at your fingertips.


With so many events going on during the school year it can be difficult to make sure employees have got them all in their calendars. Education is a field that stretches from teachers, to parents, to students. Getting information out there can be hard, however a solution is out there.

Mobilize 360 will get your schools connected with an Employee Engagement App customized to your needs. With 24/7 access directly to mobile devices, employees can stay up to date on meetings, events, and information in an organized an easy way. Keeping your employees ready for the year.


Such a large amount of the workforce is in the field of manufacturing. Because of this, there are a many people that are trying to keep up to date with all the information given in this type of field. Making sure they are doing their job in the safest way possible with such a crazy schedule can be a tough order.

Employee Engagement is key for a workforce this size. With an app from Mobilize 360, getting access to information is a breeze. 24/7 access on all your favorite devices is just another perk you can look forward to. Contact today.

Health Care

Doctors, nurses, basically all areas of the healthcare field f spend almost all of their working hours on their feet caring for people. When there is a chance for break, they really don’t need to spend their time searching to get the information they need.

Our Employee Engagement Apps provide an organized, easy approach to get everything they need. Access is available 24/7 directly from their Apple, Android and other web-enabled devices. No longer are these hard working people having to stop there time to relax. Getting what they need has never been simpler.


When heading into a restaurant, you are typically greeted by a smile and the readiness of people prepared to serve you. Most of these people are not sitting behind a desk. But you will be seeing them connected to their mobile devices.

Employee Engagement apps will help them stay connected while constantly being on the go for their loyal customers. Get 24/7 access with all your different types of devices. Get one today!

Gas and Oil

The gas and oil industry is a rapidly growing one. Since their are so many people getting into the field, along with so many different locations, sending information can be a tricky endeavor.
Together with long work hours and strict safety rules, it’s a lot for someone to have someone try to maintain that much info.

Mobilize 360 Employee Engagement Apps are a great component for your workers. Having all your information in the palm of your hand will help keep workers safe and up to date on all news coming in. An app is the way to go.

And More!

Mobilize 360 is in the business of making the best for you. Customizable and stylish, an Employee Engagement App is something any company can benefit from. It’s a great tool for all industries especially those whose people are dispersed, part-time and not bound to their desks.

Contact us today and let us improve your workforce with our Employee Engagement Apps.

Stream Line Communications

Communications with any employee, including remote or non-office workers, and keep them informed.

Increase Productivity

Provide your employers with productivity enhancing features and cut operational costs.

Improve Work Quality

Make Necessary Information available to employees through their smartphones: anytime, anywhere

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Endless Features for Your Every Need

Safety Procedures

Keep your employees safe, giving them the steps to maintain a safe environment

Membership Login

Password protect your app. Provide a personalized experience for your users

Employee Rewards Program

Create incentives to keep your employees happy in the workplace

Push Notifications To Engage Employees

They’ll never miss out on important news and emergency alerts.

Add Training Manuals, Videos & PDFs

Upload training manuals and other important company documents.

Customizable Forms

Create and send customized safety reports.

Employee Communication

New Employee Onboarding

News, alerts and notifications

Employee Advocacy


Approvals and Confirmation


Shared Documents

Ideas and Surveys

Tracking and Analytics

Why Employee Engagement?

“Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.” – Dale Carnegie

“Companies with engaged employees report 2.5x more revenue than competitors with low engagement levels.”

“Firms with high levels of employee engagement also have higher levels of shareholder value.”
Employee Management (Macey)

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